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i wonder when exactly BSW deleted her deviant art…

still selling 'em.
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so saying you want to exort people to give you money to leave people on tumblr alone is vile?

I just wan to take advantage of all the do-gooders ready to help all the fandom people dying from anon bully-trolls. Only I'm asking for cash so I don't go tell some zoosexal "get your dick out of the horse and put a gun in your mouth, Bad Dragon is not good enough for you? you need the real thing?"  or the "jump off a 90 foot building because you think toddlercon is so adorable"

I mean come on. I most likely have mental illness too.

and it will be hilarious for all the fandom band together and support those folks too.

Not to good at this sport.
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I wonder how many bullycides happen from liars

or just kids who get drilled into insanity from being with munchaousen's by internet.

really makes you loose faith in people.

maybe I can make a movie, like Cyberbully but better.

in which a busty and beautiful teen girl put in hours and months fabricating many lies and gets found out and she (the word is not eightysixes is it?) herself over the bullies and trolls who sadistlcy play along with her story

like that Kimi I danced with. 

i need to reserch what kind of injuries one can do to themself and how long it takes to not die to them (like cutting out your windpipes)

what is the typical, tropeyass sob story do we have?

dead parent
murderd parent
all siblings died
dead lover
estranged family
CPS taking you away
being arrested for stealing drugs

I'm sure the film I can do will be the best. and a heartbreaking sign of the times. on how bad people can get, when a girl says she is orphaned from her father being killed by mobsters, leaving her homeless, untill she finds her estranged mother who she has a short 6 month life with untill she dies of a blood infection due to substance abuse, resulting in durning to drugs herself, and having to live with aunt, uncle and cousions. after some time of being abused her family goes to a vacation and they die in a plane crash. leaving our poor 14 year old to live with her 20 year old boyfriend, untill she is taken away, still addicted to absynth and meth. then she tries gutting herself several times due to bullies saying she is a witch and she killed her family so she can grow huge boobs because she hated them for not buying her implants.

I think I got her fictional life under situation.

yeah. the sad movie about a liar bullied to death by webdemons who don't care about fictional pain
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i wonder when exactly BSW deleted her deviant art…

still selling 'em.
  • Mood: Wow!

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